serviço educativo

The main mission of the Educational Service of the International Animated Film Festival of Espinho – CINANIMA – is to cultivate and promote the taste for the animated cinema, mediating spaces of contact and non-formal education, to a wide audience.

 We are committed to pursuing the tradition and experience garnered in the Festival in the field of training that counted already with the participation of renowned animation national and international names. We have designed a solid and structured work strategy to respond to the needs, interests and demands of those who look for us.

Our offer includes not only the workshops that are held every year during the Festival’s week, but also other training activities that take place throughout the year, aimed at and an audience that ranges from professionals and students, to visual arts teachers and other people, following a line closely linked to the teaching of techniques and expertise.

We also invest in the work with children and youngsters, through recreational and educational activities to approach the principles of animation. We work with school and its teachers, support the development of pedagogical transdisciplinary projects in animation, that materialize in meaningful processes of teaching and learning for students.

Through the artistic and multidisciplinary language of animation, we seek not only to inform, but rather to stimulate reflection. We want to discover alternative ways of seeing, thinking and communicating.

CINANIMA is a space of meetings, of confluences and stories. To reflect and look for these stories is also the responsibility of an effective service in education.


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