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In November 2014, during the Opening of the 38th edition of CINANIMA, this Festival’s Educational Service presented the “Suitcase of the Animated Image”.

This product that was being prepared for a long time, was finally achieved with the full support and exclusive sponsorship of Cartonagem Trindade, located in S. João da Madeira. This enterprises’s large experience and its high quality standards allied to the strong desire of creating an animated suitcase to take the youngsters through a journey into the animation world have been the key motor to attain this purpose.

Now, and with our “suitcase” dully packed we will leave on a journey that will take the optical toys and animation films not only to schools, families and youngsters but also to all those who wish to share and experience the fantastic world of animation.

This incursion in the world of the optical toys began in 1825 when John Ayrton Paris invented THAUMATROPE, a device that used persistence of vision. During that same decade and the following of the 19th century other authors have created the PHANAKISTISCOPE (Joseph Plateau) and the ZOOTROPE (George Horner). Those are three of the most important optical toys that contributed to the creation of the PRAXINOSCOPE, by Émile Reynaud, in the last quarter of the century.. This last was quite similar to the Zootrope but with a difference: the animated images were projected in small mirrors, instead of taking a peek through the slits cut in the cylinder.

The “Suitcase of the Animated Image” takes us and this magic wherever we wish to go, building bridges and dreams. This is the Festival’s Educational Service purpose: to create in each and everyone the magic of the moving image and the animated cinema, being, at the same time, part of the entertainment and pedagogy, helping create new audiences.


Specifications of the “Suitcase of the Animated Image”:


Size: 29xx20x10cm

Presentation: Pasteboard suitcase in colour, leather and strap


– Brochure with information about the beginning of the animated images;

– Optical toys: Thaumatrope, Folioscope, Phenakistiscope, Zootrope and Flipbook. All these optical toys include b&W printed examples e and some other blank paper stripes. The suitcase also includes the cylinder of the Zootrope.


Orders and reservations:



– 20€ (twenty euros): if purchased in CINANIMA’s official sales venues in Espinho (unit price).

– 27,50€ (twenty seven euros fifty cents) – if ordered and sent by post (registered mail). These prices are valid for Portugal and The Island of Madeira and Azores (unit price)