Cinanima near you

CINANIMA – International Animated Film Festival of Espinho is pleased to present a proposal of cultural promotion centered on animation films. Four programmes with films that have been chosen among those presented and awarded at CINANIMA, for various audiences and using different types of animation:


1 – Selection CINANIMA 2016 (adults and young adults)

2 – Children (3 to 10 years old)

3 – Adolescents (11 to 15 years old)

4 – Youngsters (16 to 18 years old)


Loan conditions:




–          CINANIMA is committed to sending a DVD with the programme, according to the date that has been previously agreed.

–          The DVD of each programme will be accompanied by a flyer, ready to be printed, containing all the pertaining information about the films.

–          The programme “Awards 2013” will be accompanied by a flyer, ready to be printed.

–          The programmes for Children, Adolescents and Youngsters will accompanied by a flyer, ready to be printed, with information about the films.

–          CINANIMA offers the possibility of acquiring posters, catalogues, postcards that can be paid in advance or be sent on consignment. The sale of these products will amortize the whole or part of the costs involved in the loan of the programmes.

–          CINANIMA may nominate a member of its Organisation to accompany the screening of the films, namely by making an introduction to the Festival itself, should the partner be interested and CINANIMA is able to confirm the availability to do so.




–          The partner is obliged to make a formal request of the programmes, in writing.

–          The screening (or screenings) are admission free, as these are non-commercial screenings.

–          The transport of the films and other material will be born by the partner.

–          The costs of the programme will be paid by bank transfer or cheque, after receipt of our invoice.

–          The value of the purchase of any goods will be paid simultaneously with the payment of the exhibition rights of the programme or programmes.

–          The DVD cannot be, under no circumstance, be reproduced or sold.

–          The number of screenings will depend of the partner’s decision.

–          The DVD must be immediately returned to CINANIMA, after its screening.

–          A form stating the number of people attending the screenings, their reaction to the programme(s) must be returned to the Festival, after it has been sent to each partner by CINANIMA.