CINANIMA goes to Schools

“CINANIMA goes to Schools” is a program of the Festival, aimed at bringing high-quality animated cinema programs of artistic value, mostly European, to all students in Portugal and PALOP. Improving children’s and young people’s film literacy is part of CINANIMA’s mission, achieved through curating film programs to be screened in schools, carried out by the Educational Service team. It offers three short film programs free of charge, each suitable for their respective levels of education (Pre and 1st cycle, 2nd and 3rd cycle, and Secondary), thus enabling the free viewing of over fifty films. Please refer to the documents and join CINANIMA.

Registration opens in September.

For more information, contact us via email at [email protected]

Testimonials from CINANIMA goes to Schools

"Some students this week asked if they could not watch other films that were not shown last week. That says something about how the action touched most of the students. For my part, I recalled the words of Vasco Granja: "My little friends have a little film here..." and it was a delight to appreciate some of the works and address, in a playful but relevant way, different subjects with the students. Grateful for the opportunity and count on us for other sessions of the kind.” André Azeiteiro José Silvestre Ribeiro School Cluster - Idanha-a-Nova
André Azeiteiro
José Silvestre Ribeiro School Cluster - Idanha-a-Nova
“It was the first time we participated in this program and we loved it! The films were very appealing and rich, both visually and aurally, and addressed various current and interesting themes. Thank you very much and we look forward to the next event!”
Rita Túbal
Matilde Rosa Araújo School Cluster - Cascais
"It is with the greatest satisfaction that I inform you that this year we managed to have virtually all the students in the cluster watch at least one of the CINANIMA programs in the cinema-theatre. The magic of animated cinema, the careful selection of programs, and the relevance and timeliness of the themes addressed explain the resounding success of this activity, which is becoming one of the highlights of the cluster's activities."
Manuel Vilela
Odemira School Cluster - Odemira
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