Exhibition: ‘Os Salteadores’, by Abi Feijó

13 – 19 de november
Centro Multimeios – Galeria de Exposições

For almost 40 years, Álvaro Feijó, also known as Abi Feijó, has been involved in animated cinema, producing, directing, programming, teaching, and promoting. Thirty years ago, during the CINANIMA, in 1993, he showed the film ‘Os Salteadores,’ which won the jury prize. The film toured the world and won numerous accolades. The work of the renowned Portuguese director returns in this edition of CINANIMA with an exhibition that goes behind the scenes of the making of this short film.

Abi Feijó, born in Braga in 1956, first wanted to make comic books, but fate gave him to the interesting the world of animated cinema. ‘Os Salteadores’ initially premiered on CINANIMA screens in 1993, signifying not only the culmination of seven years of hard effort, but also the beginning of a legendary journey. Based on Jorge de Sena’s short story ‘Os Salteadores,’ this masterpiece is more than just an animation; it’s a provocative piece that explores fundamental questions about identity, politics, and resistance, providing an insightful look into the ideological sensibilities of the Portuguese fascist regime in the 1950s.

Exhibition ‘100 Years of Portuguese Animation Cinema’

The exhibition “100 Years of Portuguese Animation Cinema,” curated by Mário Gandra and organized by CINANIMA in the 2023 edition, provided an immersion into the history and evolution of animation in Portugal. It highlighted emblematic moments and precious artifacts that bear witness to the past and present of this form of cinematic expression.

Held at the Piscina Solário Atlântico from November 10th to 26th, this meticulously structured display invited visitors to explore a careful selection of drawings, frames, cameras, and other artifacts that illustrate the rich trajectory of national animation cinema. From the nostalgia of classics to the latest technical innovations, this exhibition revealed the creative processes and techniques involved in creating animated films.

Studio 100, an integral part of the exhibition, offered an unmissable opportunity to watch films that have marked the history of Portuguese Animation Cinema. Additionally, other spaces, such as the AnimaBar, provided moments of socializing, music, and poetry, expanding the experience beyond cinematic viewing.
Highlights included thematic sessions, including an exploration of Portuguese Animation Cinema from a feminine perspective, a journey through Matos Barbosa’s filmography, and an exploration of the Cinema Museum, recreating pearls from the past that continue to inspire and enchant audiences.

The centennial celebration culminated in a closing matinee where Portuguese Animation Cinema itself gained a voice, providing a unique opportunity for creators to share their perspectives and experiences.

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