the festival


In February 1976, a group of young people from Espinho conceived the pioneering idea of creating a showcase of animation and comic books, under the designation CINANIMA – an amalgamation of cinema and animation. This bold and innovative initiative was born out of the enthusiasm of this young group, challenging expectations by moving forward without any guarantee of financial support. Located in a coastal town, far from major urban centers, the initiative promoted the principle of cultural decentralization, paving the way for a new era in the promotion of cinematographic art. In November of the same year, the rehearsal took place that would give rise to the first international event dedicated exclusively to animation cinema in Portugal.

Over its 48 years of history, CINANIMA has had the privilege of collaborating with an impressive list of animation talents, both nationally and internationally. From legendary names such as Nicole Salomon (France), Frédéric Back (Canada), Quino (Argentina), and Michael Dudok de Wit (Netherlands/UK), to emerging talents who found in the festival a platform to share their works. At the national level, figures like Alves Costa, Vasco Granja, Artur Correia, and Regina Pessoa, among many others, have contributed to the evolution and prestige of CINANIMA. Through these milestones, CINANIMA has solidified its place as a reference in the world of animation, standing out as a leading showcase for animated films, a central point for industry professionals, and a vital catalyst for the education and appreciation of animation in Portugal and beyond.

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